Noam Bronstein has been involved in the audio scene for over thirty years. His interest actually began in Montreal, circa 1977, when his stepfather brought home a pair of Magnepan MG-II planar speakers. As a 12-year-old, he was pretty impressed. The Beatles never sounded so good, not to mention Beethoven. He started to make a habit of studying Stereo Review and Gramophone magazines. Five years later, and still a teenager, he found himself working for Toronto Hi-Fi, selling gear like Dual, Klipsch, Luxman and Yamaha in the early 1980’s.

Noam has a broad range of music interests, and has owned and evaluated hundreds of hi-fi components and speakers over the last 18+ years. He’s enthusiastic about turntables, tube amplifiers, and DIY projects. Motorcycles, too. After leaving the corporate world in 2012, Noam launched Wall Of Sound in early 2014. He is also a part-time website developer.

Noam resides with his wife in Waterford, Ontario (Canada).

You can reach him at

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Reference system (May 2016):

Analog: Perpetual TT-1, with Rega RB300 and Hana EH

Digital: Pioneer PDR-509, and Macbook Pro into Apogee Duet

Preamps/Amps: Elekit TU-8500R, Sugden A48b, Yamaha M-35

Speakers: KEF Q900, Fostex BK12, Radian 5215B

Cables: Unity, Neotech, Belden