Steve Bio Pic 2

I was born in eastern Ontario but have called southern Georgian Bay home almost forty years. As a young teen I made some ghastly speakers and dreadful tube amps out of old tube radios wanting to improve the sound of the floor standing radio/phonograph my parents had.

Like the car guy who wants the ’67 Mustang he fell in love with as a kid, I’ve returned to tube audio after many years of silicon amps. Always a DIYer with things around the house I’ve also gone back to tube DIY and in the last fifteen years have built power amps, preamps and headphone amps.

I’ve been a digital audiophile (is that an oxymoron?) for thirty years. The latest schism in the audio world between computer based files and LP records has me edging in the direction of the LP. In my estimation the computer crowd seem to be finding new glitches and gotchas on a near daily basis and I’m just not ready to sink money into something that will be improved in a month or so. Plus I just don’t have the patience for all the computer minutiae involved.

As far as music goes, I love some recordings even though the sound quality (early digital) is horrid and have also fallen in love with tunes I’ve first heard on a clock radio.

Previous to this latest re-invention as an audio writer I worked for many years at a Canadian division of a US multi-national corporation as a production process engineer, tool designer and technical writer.