Wall Of Sound Is 10 Years Old

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Sometime in February 2014, I decided to start this website, for fun and perhaps a bit of income. Predictably the income part didn’t work out, but it has been fun – I’ve met some great people, some have become close friends, and I’ve had a chance to lead and be part of a very capable team, that’s reviewed a pretty nice spread of interesting and desirable gear, and music. I think we’ve succeeded in focusing, to a large extent, on our local {Canadian} audio scene.

Ten Years After

We’ve reviewed speakers. We’ve reviewed some turntables. We’ve reviewed phono stages – lots of them. We’ve written some opinion pieces. We’ve built kits, and written about them in detail. We’ve published well over 300 articles. We gave out some gold stars. A number of our more popular reviews have been read more than 50,000 times. We survived a pandemic.

But enough bragging.

During the course of this past decade, we’ve seen some of the landscape change profoundly. YouTube is now a major hub of audio reviewing. Algorithms and monetization took over. Reviews became thinly disguised product promos. Quantity over quality.

At WoS we still believe in the written word. An adjective can endure longer than a facial expression. The truth is, we believe that a good audio dweeb ought to be literate, and ought never to have enough personal charisma to become a video personality. We sure don’t.

But enough BS.

I will make one serious promise: whatever else may happen in the future, this site will never, ever use or promote ANY AI-created content, of any sort. Ever. Facts and photos will be checked. Google results will be checked twice. We will deliver the honest truth.

Human creators to the end!

Thank You India

So about this milestone (tissue, please). I’d like to thank our readers, especially those who subscribe to be notified. Thanks for being here. We do our best to bring you interesting reads. We value your attention and your feedback very much.

I would very much like to thank our fine group of writers for all of their contributions. And most especially – Tim Smith, Steve Graham, and David Neice. Each of them have slogged it out at times when I was slammed, and kept things going. Thereby saving my bacon.

Last and not least, I also want to thank our product suppliers. Without your loaners we’d have a whole lot less to talk about. In nearly every case, you’ve been professional and a pleasure to deal with. Thank you. Onward and upward.

And for any new readers: welcome. Feel free to look around. If you’re anxious to know “what we stand for”, you could start here.

Best regards,



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12 Comments on Wall Of Sound Is 10 Years Old

  1. Alan Sanders // 2024/03/01 at 4:01 pm // Reply

    Noam, you and your contributing writers are a breathe of fresh air. The articles and reviews are well crafted and the focus on Canadian content is much appreciated!

  2. Geoffrey // 2024/03/02 at 12:05 pm // Reply

    I enjoy your reviews.

  3. Harley Stacey // 2024/03/02 at 2:13 pm // Reply

    Thank you for your Content, Commitment and Perseverance.
    WOS got me pointed in the direction of DIY and rekindled my enthusiasm for Audio. Steve Graham’s work on Elekit kits (and others) and tubes encouraged me to try to broaden my horizons. Audio is Fun again! More than half of my System is now customized kits or experimentally inspired/designed/cloned pieces that sound good (at least to me).
    Thanks again Noam…Awesome Job!

  4. David Neice // 2024/03/05 at 6:41 pm // Reply


    Congratulations Noam on ten years of Wall of Sound. You are a real credit to the audio industry. It has been a pleasure being able to contribute to this legacy for the past couple of years. I hope we can continue to be helpful to the larger audiophile community. So, here is a toast to the next ten years of WoS.

    David Neice

  5. not a very good site …it is a excellent one!!! It should last forever…

  6. I’ve been a faithful reader for about 8 of your 10 years. I love the honesty of your reviews. You mention other sites and reviewers posting “quantity over quality” and that couldn’t be any closer to the truth. There are dozens of sites reviewing, and compiling “best of” lists that are far from accurate or complete, and most reviews these days seem to be nothing more than endorsements.
    Yesterday I read a lengthy speaker review, and realized before finishing that these were speakers I would never be interested in because the reviewer was very negative about imaging & sound stage presentation. That, quite unexpectedly, surprised me. While I enjoy the reviews of more than a handful of websites, I would be cautious to use any of them for a purchasing decision. Today there are only a few reviewers I implicitly trust.
    That brings me to a question for you… I have a rather rare and unique amp, one that uses a 421A tube. Right now it is sufficiently driving speakers with a sensitivity rating of 93.5, but I’ve never liked these speakers, and I’m considering other speakers that you have reviewed. (I just might put that amp in my office and get a new amp; I’m leaning toward an OTL amp if I do.)
    I listen to a wide assortment of music: classical (large scale only, symphonies & concertos), jazz, rock (no heavy metal), reggae, blues, doo-wop, and more. The majority of what I listen to is jazz fusion & prog (mostly jazz rock).
    Obviously I’m looking for efficiency, and I value, as I stated, imaging & sound stage attributes. As to bass, so many reviewers put an emphasis on how low a speaker goes, but I don’t want to “feel” bass notes, I want to hear them… realistically… quality over quantity.
    Sorry to make this so long; on to my question.
    Which do you think I might be happiest with: the Devine Sound Stage III speakers, something from Coherent, or maybe Finale Audio’s speakers?
    Thanks very much for your time.

    [you may post this if you wish, but I’d prefer an email reply]

    • Thanks for the kind words, Marcus.
      I’m going to send you a message about Finalé speakers.

  7. Like your many other readers, I greatly value the hard work, honesty and dedication your volunteers display. The Wall of Sound approach goes beyond other journals in real world assessments of product strengths, weaknesses and likely applicability. Your reviewer’s dedication to getting the consumer relevant and useful information may be unique in the Audio publishing world. Noam, you may not get richer doing this but you sure should be able to sleep at night!

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