I have been an audiophile as long as I have listened to music, and was fortunate to
grow up with both an analogue Sony hi-fi system and a digital stereo system in my bedroom. I
really developed my interest in sound when we bought our first house and I created a dedicated
sound room and finally purchased a good pair of speakers. I am also a Professor of
Communications and Public Policy and have a research interest in mastering engineers, having
had an opportunity to interview and see a number of these legends in their own studios. My
musical tastes have evolved as my gear has become more refined and today I listen to well
recorded rock and jazz, lots of audiophile recordings and continue my fondness for the SACD
format. Besides a deep love of Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and Mark Knopfler, I listen to a
lot of jazz, in particular Miles, Bill Evans, Brad Mehldau and Joshua Redman. But my kid keeps
me grounded in good modern music as well, especially Taylor Swift and Haim. I also stream a
lot of high resolution files and still spin the silver discs. I have a nicely curated selection of LPs
and my Thorens turntable gets a workout every week as well. I am currently fascinated with
upgrading my nice laid back mid-fi system and am always looking at new equipment and tweaks
as I search for that perfect sound. -Jamie Gillies

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