A Brief Interview with Garry Huang of Musical Paradise

Inside the new MP-P1 Phono Stage from Musical Paradise (review in progress)

Musical Paradise’s Garry Huang recently took time from his busy travel schedule, for a brief email interview with WallofSound.


WoS: First of all, congratulations on the remarkable success you’ve had the last few years. And thanks for talking with us.

GH: It is my great pleasure to meet numerous Musical Paradise fans from all over the world online in the past 6 years, and thanks to WallofSound.ca for this interview.


WoS: Tell us how you got started with your love of music, and in audio design…and how did Musical Paradise come to be.

GH: I love music and HiFi equipment when I was a grade 5 student in elementary school. At that time, I always visited different kinds of local HiFi stores after school and bought a lot of electronics and HiFi magazines for reading. However, I didn’t have the money to buy good brand name equipment, so I started learning how to read schematics, modify and build HiFi kits. Besides self-learning, I took formal electronics training courses when I was studying at University and technical institute. I would say I am a “geek” in the HiFi, computer and consumer electronics fields. After I graduated, I became a system analyst and computer programmer as my full time job, but I still love HiFi and Music. I purchased lots of less than or equal to 1K equipment in the market, but was never satisfied with their sound quality, so I decided to build my own design using my spare time and holiday time. When I listened to my first designed tube amplifier, I was quite satisfied and amazed. I thought it is the time to start sharing my product online.


WoS: Can you tell us a little about your current operations?

GH: The operation is always online. Web stores are growing quickly. I truly believe a web store is the best channel, and beneficial to end users and start-up persons. Manufacturers are bridged to the end users to provide more user-friendly and up-to-date products. 


WoS: We see excellent quality in Chi-fi equipment these days, by and large. How would you describe the current state of Chinese audio manufacturing? What are the major challenges?

GH: The Chinese audio manufacturing is more focused on lower cost and higher volume. Most of the manufacturers have short vision, lack of innovation and poor quality. Due to labor costs increasing quickly in China, and lower global demands, this is a hard time for Chinese manufacturing.    


WoS:  And I assume you travel there often; how do you find the audio scene in China these days? Is the interest growing rapidly? Lots of new audiophiles?

GH: The Chinese market demand is much higher than all other countries and is growing rapidly. They have the lust and savings to spend on different kinds of HiFi equipment. Higher end products are much easier to sell in China.  New audiophiles are becoming younger than before.  


WoS: What about the audiophile scene here in North America? Do you think there’s hope for the iPod Generation? 🙂

GH: The audiophiles in North America are more rational, and the age group is older. We’re still finding a bridge product to attract the “iPod Generation” to the HiFi world. I think it is getting closer now. Thanks to the improving embedded CPU, Class D and mobile power technology.  


WoS: Do you have a special commitment to affordable products? Or would you also like to develop some “no limits” designs?

GH: We keep affordable products, but will start introducing more powerful, higher end products in the near future.


WoS:  Are there some new projects you’ve got planned, that you can share with us? Is there a plan for a new SET amp now that the MP-428 is discontinued?

GH: Users need surprises! We keep them secret until they are ready to ship. We will have a single-ended KT120 amp available next month. We will consider reissuing a new MP-428 Mk 2 later, but not soon. BTW, we just released the MP-P1 phono preamp.



WoS:  That looks exciting. Again, thank you very much for your time. We wish you continued success!

GH: You are welcome. It’s nice to meet you, and thanks for all your good wishes and for reviewing our products voluntarily.



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