Tim Smith is, like many readers of this site, a lifelong music lover who grew up in a household in which music was always being played. For over a decade, he has been afflicted with audiophilia nervosa, and accordingly has cycled through dozens of amplifiers, speakers, cd players, turntables, DACs, and speakers. His LP and cd library totals some 5,000 recordings, from jazz, classical, rock, bluegrass and country to rap. His current reference systems include kit from Audio Research, Wyred4Sound, Line Magnetic, Coincident, Musical Paradise, Bottlehead, Pro-Ject, Dynavector, Graham Slee, Marantz, MHDT Labs, Maverick Audio, Tekton Design, Harbeth, Magnepan, Pioneer, Mordaunt Short, Audio Sensibility, DH-Labs, Connex, Kimber, QED, Canare, Paul Speltz, Beyerdynamic, HiFiMan, and many more. He also has a large collection of tubes ranging from 6L6s to 845s and 12ax7s.

Tim is also a reviewer for www.6moons.com

Tim can be reached at info@nbwebmedia.com

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