Born in New Brunswick, Eastern Canada, Joel Foster has spent the majority of his life near the Atlantic Ocean with a deeply-imbedded love for music. During his younger years, he also had profound interests in aviation and artwork, and by the age of twelve, Joel had won numerous awards for his university-level pencil artwork while gaining attention for his adept understanding of physics. During his high school career, he developed an interest in classical music and high quality audio reproduction. Unable to locate anyone to educate him in electronics design, he sought out literature and would later delve into an in-depth independent study on the subject. After completing college and attending two universities, he designed several new spectrum analyzers and partook in the design of electro-acoustical audio products for what was a major Canadian-based loudspeaker driver company, while writing numerous papers on good engineering practices.

By his mid-twenties, Joel focused his passion and formed his own first successful loudspeaker manufacturing company. Having utilized fluid dynamics and advanced modelling techniques in his designs, the interest in aviation surfaced again. He engaged in the model aircraft hobby and radio communications, soon after developing a lightweight aeronautical platform for extended altitude & endurance flight. Today, he still finds it difficult to leave the side of the ocean, and makes routine walks to the beach in the summer and autumn months. Today, Joel Foster is the owner and Chief Officer of Engineering of his own design & consulting firm; one specializing in offering proprietary circuit & electronics design and performance loudspeakers to industry professionals throughout North America. As you may have guessed, his love of music is stronger than ever.

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