Scott wonders “where to begin”…..

Scott was born and raised in Toronto. Like many, music in his home came from a big furniture console, the audio coffins. Musical influences came from everywhere when he was young. His aunt was a guitar teacher who also played in a C&W band. His father would sometimes take him to the Toronto Symphony at Massey Hall. His brother’s record collection inhabited the room they shared, and was a major influence. Scott began collecting odd pieces of audio equipment from the tube era, mainly because they were free or cheap. Then, the Sound Practices journal changed everything for him in the early 90’s. DIY electronics, efficient speakers and triodes became the rage. Shortly after, Scott opened his own audio business, but challenges with the weak Canadian dollar and the giant Canadian geographical area, put that to rest several years later. Scott is a jazz fan and a huge Bill Evans admirer, but music from diverse genres inhabit his analog and digital collection.

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