DIY All-Tube Phono Project Wrapup: Feedback from our patron Adrian

By Steve Graham

The Tubecad Tetra DIY phono stage finds a home.


Just a quick update.  I’m really pleased with the phono stage!  It has exceeded my expectations.  I have had the chance to listen to it for a few days.  Tonality and dynamics are excellent with the detail I like. Soundstage is wide and deep. In a word, the sound is ‘big’.  It certainly has the tube ‘naturalness’ I love. It is the best phono stage I have had the pleasure of hearing in any of my systems.  It certainly bests my Lounge Audio LCR phono, which is no slouch. Thanks again for your handiwork and excellent build articles. They have inspired me to bust out the soldering iron.



System: Audio Van Alstine Synergy Control Amp; U-Turn Audio Custom with Ortofon OM-40 cartridge; Soundfield Audio -Monitor 1


Thanks Adrian.  It’s always gratifying when one’s work is appreciated.

Just a day or two before receiving the above email from Adrian I had another from a follower in Pennsylvania who successfully completed a line stage build based on my first DIY series. He has already purchased a Tetra phono kit which he will soon start to work on. Good luck!



Editor’s Note: I’m also still very much enjoying all the pieces Steve built, which ended up coming my way – the plain Jane Aikido 6DJ8 linestage, the RJM phono stage, and the little Bogen-based ‘Groucho’ SUT (a real overachiever IMO). DIY types can search Wall of Sound for the articles on these. All highly recommended, high-value performers – especially if you can build them patiently and well, like Steve does.

– Noam Bronstein


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