Dr. Atsumi Ohno (1926-2017), Inventor of the Ohno Continuous Cast (OCC) Process

We received word from Steven Huang that the acclaimed Dr. Atsumi Ohno has passed away in Japan; he was 92. Our condolences go out to Dr.Ohno’s family and friends.

Although most audiophiles own cables which utilize the OCC technology, few know about the man behind the physics, chemistry and metallurgy of this process. Steven’s father worked closely with Dr. Ohno at the University of Toronto, and Steven maintains an informative page about Dr. Ohno and the science teams who developed and patented OCC. (link)

Below is the message from Steven Huang of Audio Sensibility.


Dr. Atsumi Ohno. Inventor of the Ohno Continous Casting (OCC) process.

Dr. Atsumi Ohno (1926-2017)

I received the following sad news yesterday of Dr. Atsumi Ohno’s death from Hiroshi Soda who ran the University of Toronto Ohno Continuous Casting (OCC) Research Lab.

Dear Steven,

I want to let you know that Dr Ohno passed away on April 13 in his
sleep. He was 92.
It was sad news but a lot of good memories remain.

Hiroshi Soda

My father, Dr. Robert Huang (left), first met Dr. Ohno while both were doing their PHD studies in engineering at University of Toronto in the early 1960s. Dr. Ohno went back to Japan to start his research activities in Metallurgical Engineering at the Chiba Institute. My father became a Professor of Chemical Engineering at University of Waterloo (Ontario, Canada) specializing in polymer membranes.
Here is a picture of Dr. Soda and Dr. Ohno at the University of Toronto OCC Research Lab.
One of University of Toronto Engineering Distinguished Alumni. Dr. Ohno made a mult-million dollar donation to the university after the commercial success of the Ohno Continuous Casting process


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  1. After reading about OCC copper in headphone cables like at https://oriveti.nl/ for the AFFINITY I was really curious where this OCC came from. Never suspected someone was actually called Dr. Ohno who invented this. Thanks for the information about this inventor.

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