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Good news for all you tube and vinyl lovers: Wall of Sound is very pleased to be receiving the first review sample of NVO’s new SPA ONE Special Edition phono preamp. NVO’s export marketing contact, Panikos Kontemeniotis, has provided us with the following company introduction and product news update.

NVO SPA-II-2-SE-topless

NVO’s SPA II-2 Special Edition, topless


 NVO is a small specialized valve audio manufacturer based in Nicosia, Cyprus and owned by Andreas Hadjiminas. Their first product, the all valve 2-box SPA-II MM/MC phono preamp has received rave reviews worldwide.


Since the introduction of the original SPA-II many circuit and construction upgrades have taken place, and now the SPA-II MK2 and SPA-II MK2 Special Edition are the top of the NVO line.

Next in the line is the more economical one-box SPA ONE and SPA ONE Special Edition (read Noam’s review of the SPA One Special Edition (read Noam’s review of the SPA One Special Edition). Reviews of the SPA ONE are equally impressive worldwide.

All NVO products are fully hand-made and make use of the finest components and custom designed and made power transformers.

They are well known for their extremely low noise and distortion, wide and linear frequency response and superb dynamic range with any type of cartridge , MM or Low output MC.

A new NVO high-end integrated amplifier is now ready and soon to be released in limited quantities. It is a 120w/ch design with some unique features,and remote controlled volume/mute.

A lower cost amplifier and phono preamp will follow in the near future.


Phono Preamplifier (SPA One and SPA-II) News

Both models make use of very high quality parts : Japanese KIWAME resistors matched to 0.1% tolerances, Mundorf MKP capacitors, Nichicon EL capacitors, 7N solid core internal wiring, gold plated tube bases.

NVO SPA-one-front-view  NVO SPA-one-SE-topless

Enclosures have been improved using 10mm aluminum front plates now on all units including the SPA One and the power supply of the SPA-II/2.Enclosure panels are internally damped with sound absorbing panels , and PCB’s are isolated from the main chassis via shock absorbing flexible isolators minimizing any microphony possibility. Some circuit and star ground upgrades have been made on both units, resulting in extremely low noise, more linear and wide frequency response and increased dynamic range.

NVO SPA-II2-w-ps-front-view  NVO SPA-II-2-SE-topless-2

The top of the line SPA-II/2 SE now has inputs for two turntables, selectable for either MM or MC cartridges. Inputs can be fully and accurately adjusted for any MM or MC cartridge (low or high output). Both units sound better than ever and they take the analog experience one step further. Estimated retail price of the SPA-II/2SE is around $ 10,000.00 (USA) . Price for the SPA One has not yet been set, but it is estimated to be around 55-58% the price of the top of the line SPA-II/2SE.”

New Valve Order products are available through Sounds of Silence in the USA and Canada.

In other parts of the world contact Panikos Kontemeniotis directly about availability in your country.


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