Upcoming Review Update: Finale Maestro-Six Full-Function Preamplifier

Upcoming Review Update:

Finale Maestro-Six Full Function Preamplifier


By Steve Graham


This will be a departure from the norm for me.  The Finale Maestro-Six is a minimalist design, compared to my usual ranks of separate tubed stages.

Finale Audio is a small Canadian company that makes bespoke audio components, along with its sister company Triode Lab (WoS has reviewed pieces from both brands before).  A prospective owner may order one with his or her choice of volume potentiometers, selector switches, various other bits and pieces and even custom stainless steel knobs.

At a base MSRP price of $4,500 (Canadian), a potential owner should expect superlative sound, flawless finish and smooth ergonomics. I expect to have this unit in late January and am anxious to hear how it stacks up against the usual less-than-minimalist components in my system.


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