Update on two reviews in progress

Review-in-Progress Updates:

-RJM Audio VSPS 400 Phono Stage

-Funk Firm Flamenca

By Steve Graham


RJM Audio VSPS 400

The RJM boards and power supply have been installed in their cabinets.  They fired up without incident late in 2017, and about 200 hours of break-in time has accumulated since then.  They look quite presentable in their generic eBay-sourced boxes, if I do say so myself.

Mark Miller of LaserMARK Engraving did his usual superlative job of making the cabinets look more professional than I could have done on my own.  Mark donated this work because, as I mentioned in the preview, the VSPS 400 will be sold when the review is complete and the money raised will be donated to our local hospital for capital equipment purchases.

I’ve given it a quick listen and it sounds encouraging.  I expect to write the full review in late January or early February.  At that time it will be offered for sale much like the Aikido line stages were in 2017.


Funk Firm Flamenca

On a less happy note, the Funk Firm Flamenca has been a problem child.  I was prepared to write a negative review, but when I spoke to the dealer that loaned it to me he stated that it had been out on loan prior to me receiving it.  It was sounding so strange that the we concluded it must have been damaged.  He apologized profusely for not verifying that it was functioning correctly.  It will be repaired, tuned up or replaced, and I can expect it or another one late in January.  And you thought reviewing stereo gear was all fun and games.  I did too, but that bubble was quickly burst.

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