Data Privacy Statement 5/25/18

Posted by Noam Bronstein

Boring housekeeping stuff, no audio content. Today, the European Union implemented G.D.P.R., their new data privacy internet regulations. This is to protect all EU users and customers from improper collection and use of their personal data.

Just to cover our butts, I’d like to make the following points about our business model, since Wall of Sound does have readers in the EU.

WoS is a free service, we have never collected personal information about our audience. Actually our only paying ‘customers’ are the nice vendors that pay us for advertising space.

Specific to data collection:

WoS is essentially a blog, operating on the WordPress platform, with standard Plugins like MailChimp for subscriptions, and Jetpack for site stats. We don’t use cookies, other than what you may have enabled in your browser in order to save a login password. We have no interest in collecting information about our visitors.

Site visitors may register as users, if they choose to. They don’t need to register in order to read articles or post comments. If they do register, they still don’t need to provide any real information, apart from a valid email address. They can also delete their account at any time.

Subscribers are maintained in a MailChimp database. This is a courtesy service used to notify you whenever a new article is posted. WoS and MailChimp have visibility to the email addresses, and nothing more. As far as we understand, MailChimp is in full compliance with GDPR. Again, we do not use the subscriber email addresses for spam or any other purpose other than a valid notification or important announcement.

We do compile some traffic stats, as almost all sites do – e.g. how people got to our page(s), how many visits per page, etc. For this we use the Jetpack for WordPress Plugin. There is no PII data behind these compiled statistics.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact the editor.

That’s about it, happy Friday!



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