Bluekey Acoustics: Company Launch and Product Announcement

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Bluekey Acoustics: the new kid on the block.


Bluekey Acoustics, also known as BKA, is a new speaker manufacturer located in Toronto, Ontario. The company started in 2018 with the purpose of designing and commercializing loudspeakers that not only measure well, but also have exceptional musical and engaging presentation.


BKA was created by Francisco Araujo, a lifelong audiophile, who realized that while price and performance often go together, price and enjoyment often do not. From this realization, the company’s philosophy is to designs speakers that focus on the enjoyment and pleasure of the listener for a relatively affordable price.


In 2019, the company released its first model, the Bluekey Acoustics Model 1. It is designed to deliver high efficiency, bass extension, and great dynamics, all in a relatively small-sized speaker for its category. To achieve this engaging sound, Model 1 uses a powerful 15-inch woofer and a titanium compression driver combined with a state-of-the-art studio recording horn. More new models are expected for 2020.


BKA speakers work exceptionally well with solid state and tube amplifiers. Also, they are well driven by low-power or high-power amplifiers, ranging from 8 to 300 watts. For that, lots of attention was paid to the impedance curve. Model 1 has a nominal impedance of 10 ohms, and a minimum of 8 ohms at 130 Hz in the bass region, a true easy load.


All the speakers and crossovers are hand-built in house to ensure the best quality possible. The parts and components are all tested and matched together to achieve the quality standards of the company.


BKA delivers speakers to most locations in Ontario, including help with the installation and setup all free of charge. There is a 60-day hassle-free return policy, and the company offers a 3-year warranty on parts and service.


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