Spy shots of the new Elekit TU-8340

Victor Kung (vkmusic.ca) has sent me some cool new photos of the forthcoming push-pull power amplifier kit from Elekit, which I wrote about a few weeks ago. Wall Of Sound is eager to get our hands on a review sample – our man Steve is chomping at the bit to build it.

For now, enjoy these pics. Notice the microprocessor stack in between the middle power tubes – these are for the “semi-automatic” biasing functions. Showgoers at RMAF and TAVES will have the chance to see and hear this amp in action, and we’ll report more about it then (after TAVES). I expect this amp is gonna make lots of EP! (Effortless Powah)  With a starting price of just $1125 (without tubes), and the ability to make 50wpc with KT150 tubes, this kit seems poised to make a dent in the tube power amp market. This time Elekit and VKM are teaming up with Lundahl to offer an opt upgrade option. Something for DIY’ers to look forward to…

front  rear

front-cpu-1  top  cpu

Quoting Victor:

“Here is the production model TU-8340, with an acrylic cover for demo. I will demo this amp in RMAF and TAVES. A pair of Lundahl LL-1623 output transformers were installed.  Lundahl will be re-wiring this opt to match the spec in order for the TU-8340 to have the max output. It is very powerful and the amp’s sound is very good with the KT150 tubes.”

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