Wall Of Sound Turns 5!

Well, it was right about five years ago this week, that I decided to start this little review site. We’re still a modest affair, but I’m proud of the well over 200 articles we’ve posted. They represent a lot of effort, dedication, and fun.

So I’d like to say thanks. Thanks to the readers who stop by occasionally, or who bookmark us, or (best of all) who sign up for updates. On average of late, that’s about 1000-1200 of you every day.

Thanks to the contributors who labour over these reviews, especially Tim Smith, and Steve Graham. Without them there’d be no Wall of Sound.

And thanks to all the suppliers who have kept us busy with gear, especially the long-time collaborators who continue to support us; Triode Lab/Finalé Audio, Coherent Speakers, Charisma Audio, and VK Music.

All the best for 2019, and beyond!


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  1. Happy belated birthday from Australia – Jimmy

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