Indo Canadian Slide Project – Upcoming Tour Dates!

Great news from our friend Michael Oesch: Hindustani Slide Guitar master Rhitom Sarkar is returning to Canada for a series of exciting shows here in Southern Ontario next month (Sept)! Below are some details. I hope some of our readers can make it and/or let a local friend or two know about it.

For those who missed it – here’s my review of the wonderful ICSP album: click to open.


Sept.2019 Tour Schedule so far:

September 6th – Indo Canadian Slide Project performs live at Market Hall in Peterborough.

September 7th – Rhitom joins us for another intimate evening ‘Music and Poetry Salon’ in Waterford.

September 10th – Garry Diggin presents Rhitom Sarkar at Silence in Guelph.

September 12th – Indo Canadian Slide Project perfoms live at Hugh’s Room in Toronto.

September 14th – Rhitom Sarkar performing solo slide guitar along with the documentary screening of Walking: The Wisdom of the Road by Michael Oesch. Tickets include dinner at Govinda’s in Toronto.

September 21st – Rhitom Sarkar and the Ferriers perform at Faith Presbyterian Community Church. in Toronto

September 27th – Small World Music Centre in Toronto presents Rhitom Sarkar and Rakae Jamil.


*Here’s a video clip from last year’s show at Small World.


You can look at the Indo Canadian facebook public group page here for the latest information:


If you’re having trouble getting the info, drop me a note or a comment and I’ll put you in touch with Michael.

We’ll be at the Sept.7th and 14th events for sure – I can’t wait!




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