my audio life

My Audio Life: Part 7

By Steve Graham     Octogenarian Gives Birth to Triplets   I thought I’d start this installment [...]

2017/04/03 /// 1 Comment

My Audio Life – Part 4

By Steve Graham The Altecs stayed in the listening room for a week or so.  They’re a game changer, unlike [...]

2016/10/12 /// 0 Comments

My Audio Life – Part 3

My Audio Life Part 3 By Steve Graham In a Cincinnati basement we exchanged money for Altecs.  As it turned [...]

2016/08/06 /// 0 Comments

My Audio Life – Part 2

By Steve Graham I got to know an old radio repair guy around the corner. He was still fixing tube radios for [...]

2016/06/11 /// 0 Comments