My Audio Life – Part 3

My Audio Life

Part 3

By Steve Graham

In a Cincinnati basement we exchanged money for Altecs.  As it turned out the seller was a picker and found audio equipment at yard sales, estate sales and in classified ads.  He liked to buy stuff, listen to it for a while then sell it on for a profit.  He had an old Dynaco ST70 sitting on his work bench and we yacked about it for a minute or two.

We loaded the Altecs in the car, strapped them down with a ratchet strap (a good idea in the event of a collision or other sudden stop) and headed home by way of Detroit.  The customs people at Windsor Ontario were very courteous but having previously removed the backs of the Altecs I’m sure minimized our delay.  Note to self: next time stay out of Canada more than 48 hours and pay less tax.

Part 3, Altecs in car

Altec Flamencos just arrived from Cincinnati


We lucked out weather-wise and only had some slow going from London Ontario to just west of Toronto.  The trip up highway 400 was quick and easy.  The polar vortex was making a mess out of someone else’s day, I guess.

On arriving home the Altecs were unloaded and connected up.  Holy macaroni, they don’t require much power.  The display on my line stage goes from 0 to 110.  My old (pre-Altec) speakers are way loud at about 40 to 50.  The Altecs are way loud at 11!  Wait, there’s a movie connection there somewhere.

Part 3, Line stage

Turn it up to 11, and that’s all! 

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