Audio Sensibility Statement SE Analog Interconnect (RCA) OCC Copper 1.0 m

Audio Sensibility Statement SE Analog Interconnect (RCA) OCC Copper 1.0 m                   Review by Tim Smith

$329 CAD for 1.0 meter; $299 CAD for 0.7 m

In the four months I have been using the Audio Sensibility Statement SE RCA interconnects they have demonstrated time and again their ability to deliver heft, mass, body, fullness, richness to every musical genre I play. No, these RCA interconnects don’t cost $2,000 but they look and sound as if they do. How many other interconnects sold for $299 CAD per 0.7 meters ($242 USD in early March 2015) come stock with Furutech FP-126 Gold-Plated RCA plugs with an OCC copper centre pin? The build quality is unseen as this price point. As the happy owner of several Kimber Kable and DH-Labs products, I can attest that you must spend two to three times the Audio Sensibility’s asking price to get such robust construction from these fine American companies. Audio Sensibility has set a new benchmark with these interconnects.

Ohno Continuous Cast copper rated at 7 nines lies at the core of the Audio Sensibility design. A braided copper shield cuts down EMI and RFI. A custom-made 303 Stainless Steel RCA barrel takes the sound just a little bit higher. Apart from the cryo factor (which Audio Sensibility does not really emphasize, I should note), there is no voodoo wrapped around this product. But there is expensive Techflex sleeving and Mundorf Silver-Gold Supreme solder holding it all together. The attention to detail and the quality of craftsmanship is remarkable.

So what do materials of this quality do for your music? First, they reveal all the slight shades of timbre in an orchestra. Violas are instantly recognized as distinct from violins. Strings sound and feel full. Woodwinds soar. Harpsichord has no trouble making its voice heard even as the brash brass of Wynton Marsalis takes centre stage and as the English Chamber Orchestra pumps out a muscular rendition of Molter’s Concerto No. 2 for Trumpet and Strings. Anouar Brahem’s latest masterpiece, the 2-cd Souvenance, is put under the microscope; the Statement SE scrapes every last bit of reverb from the maestro’s oud. As a classical guitar addict, I search for products that can best deliver that rich, warm, phat tone that tonemeister Graham Anthony Devine elicits from his strings. I generally prefer copper but I have silver interconnects from DH-Labs too. The AS Statement SE gives me the best of both worlds–silver-like detail retrieval without the glaring edges and with all the warm tone I crave.

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These fine interconnects never offend. They display no apparent weakness. Nothing stands out; everything seems balanced. With one small exception. You’ll get a bit more bass extension from these interconnects than you’re used to, especially if you upgrade from basic entry level fare. But that must be considered a winning situation for it is that extra bit of dryness and rattle that comes through. There is no bloat. When I hooked the Statement SE between my Audio Research LS17 preamp and my Wyred4Sound SX-1000 mono blocks, I was astounded to hear what the W4S were capable of with rap and reggae.


Solid as a rock, a taut bridge between my DAC and my amplifier. The Audio Sensibility Statement SE is so sturdy, it does not sag. The one potential drawback is that it might be difficult to use a 1.5 meter length where your setup would require, say, just 0.5 meters. This is no light and flexible Kimber PBJ. The benefit is that the AS’s rigidity makes it easier to keep away from other cables.



Do yourself a favour and forego that $1,000 interconnect you thought you must buy to do justice to your fine and expensive components. But this interconnect instead and take a vacation or save your money. I know a dealer and distributor who is convinced that basic Kimber PBJ is all one needs, even in a $50k system he recommends. Well, this Audio Sensibility cable is much better than the Kimber PBJ that I have been enjoying for many years (and will continue to enjoy). The Audio Sensibility Statement SE interconnect is handcrafted by Canadian workers paid rich world wages. It is also a world-class product that would not be out of place in a six-figured setup. Buy it and use it for the rest of your life.



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1 Comment on Audio Sensibility Statement SE Analog Interconnect (RCA) OCC Copper 1.0 m

  1. Tim,

    My system comprises of VAC Standard 160 Musicblocs, Sonic Euphoria passive preamp, Basis 2001/vector 3 & dynavector 10×5, PSB Platinum M2 monitors. Currently I have a Grover Huffman Empress interconnect between amp & preamp and his power cords. I’m not sure I want to replace those cords, but if I do, I’m thinking either mid level cardas or the audio sensibility statement level of cables.

    What differences would I notice between the cardas and AS cables? I’m assuming you have some experience with cardas.

    Thanks. I appreciate your opinion and previous assistance.


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