List of upcoming reviews/articles


Quad ESL 57 (Noam/David)

Q Acoustics Concept 20 (David)





NADNAG – NAD C588 w/Nagaoka MP110 (David)


MitMat Platter Mat (Jamie)

Focal Stellia headphones (Jamie)

Unity interconnects (Noam)

Steve’s Bytes (Steve)


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13 Comments on List of upcoming reviews/articles

  1. Hello. I thought there was going to be a review of an all project system? What happened? Thanks

    • Hi- well, the supplier hasn’t been able to get it for us. I will ask again, but as far as I know it isn’t available.

  2. How long until the MP-P1 update?

  3. Alan G Sanders // 2016/06/01 at 11:29 pm // Reply

    Looking forward to Noam’s review of the TU 8500 and the ELAC too!

    • don t make me laugh you guys have previously stated upcoming reviews and you didn t deliver on many
      I have pretty well written you guys off for lack of credibility

      • We do our best. Occasionally a review has to be cancelled for reasons we can’t control.

  4. Dave Jernigan // 2017/01/28 at 9:05 am // Reply

    Don’t take those negative comments personal

  5. how is thye Tekton Lore review coming along? When is it to be published?

  6. Anyone out there want to sell me a used or demo pair of the Perla Esclusives ?

  7. Tim Smith:

    In 2014, you reviewed Shunyata’s PS8 Power Strip & its Venom Defender. As I am writing this, it is October 2019.

    What is your current estimate of the aforementioned items? Are they still relevant or would consider others?

    I have a Yamaha 801, replete with a Cambridge Audio CXC…both connected to a pair of Wharfdale 230 Diamond Tower Loudspeakers.

    Also, I own 2 Venom Power Defender in a 21 Year old CounterPoint, PureMains, PurPac 15.

  8. Id like to see reviews of 100db full range speakers below $5k/pair.

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