Finally, a powerful and affordable kit amp from Japan!

Just a quick “preview” post, to let readers know about a highly-anticipated amplifier that’s coming soon to our shores, via VK Music: the Elekit TU-8340 kit will retail for $1125 US, without tubes. Tube packages will range from $175 (EL34) to $450 (KT150). Resistor, capacitor and transformer upgrade packages will be offered as well. Victor Kung says the availability is expected to be late October. Wall of Sound is hoping to be the first to review this brand-new amp, Steve Graham is practically dying to build it. (update: Steve is expecting the kit to arrive on Mar.6)

As we’ve come to expect from Mr. Fujita’s designs, the TU-8340 has some interesting innovations. It accepts many of the big boy pentode power tubes – EL34, 6L6GC, KT88, KT90, KT120, KT150 – and uses four microprocessors to control output tube bias. They’re calling it a “semi-automatic fixed bias” adjustment system. This theoretically promises very good biasing accuracy, especially for those of us who like to roll different tubes in. And who doesn’t?

Victor posts updates regularly on DIY Audio, click here for more info. Or check out the VK Music website. VK Music is the exclusive North American distributor for Elekit.



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3 Comments on Finally, a powerful and affordable kit amp from Japan!

  1. Any updates on the 8340 coming?

    I have been sitting on the fence about getting one of these. Currently listening to my 8200DX while typing this!


    • I just heard that it’s en route to Steve and he’ll have the kit on Monday. So expect to read something in the next month or two.

      • Awesome! I look forward towards the review and what y’all think of it.

        I bought and built the TU-8500DX last year and have been enjoying it.


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