DIY EL84 Amp Project: Part 3, Circuit Board Assembly

If naked tube sockets are your thing, you’ve come to the right place.
By Steve Graham
DIY EL84 Project: Part 3
Circuit Board Assembly: Finally, We Get To The Fun Part!

News Flash: Potential amp builders living in the U.S.A., please note: Antique Electronic Supply, is offering a 10% discount on all Hammond products through to March 2, 2020.  If you have been sitting on the fence, now might be the time act.


***Cap upgrade: Our patron decided to splurge on four Mundorf Supreme coupling caps: these cost about $9 US (each) more than the CDE caps that are in the parts list.


***Volume pot: I found a few pictures that might help clarify use of the volume pot mounting plate if a volume control features in your build.  I’ve included that as Part 2, Attachment 6 below.

Part 2, Attachment 6:  Volume Pot Mounting Plate


Perform the tasks for Part 3 in the attachments below

Attachment 1: Board Prep. & Tube Socket Assembly

Attachment 2 (Revised): Resistor Assembly

Attachment 3: Capacitor Assembly

Attachment 4: Terminal Block Assembly


Attachment: Simple P-P Board


Next time, in Part 4, we’ll assemble the transformers, circuit board and other parts to the chassis and connect them up.



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3 Comments on DIY EL84 Amp Project: Part 3, Circuit Board Assembly

  1. Dave Russo // 2024/02/18 at 10:27 am // Reply

    Is the DIY EL84 Project amp for sale. Like do you have resistor paks and parts?

    I’d love to build this

    • Hi Dave,
      We’re a review website, we don’t sell kits. Please check the links for possible sources.

  2. Steve Graham // 2024/02/18 at 11:07 am // Reply

    Good news Dave! Boards are available again from Order soon before they are sold out. There are several build threads on the Tubes/Valves forum at

    Cheers, Steev

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